Saturday, August 20, 2005

And yeah it hurts that he was just using me. For whatever. I don't know what he was using me for. Sex I suppose. I guess it's really easy to do that. But it's different. Z. did the same thing, but that was acceptable to me, because when I talked to him about Her First Big Cock, he said to me right up front, "I like another girl, please don't let this get out, I don't want her to know" tell it like it is. Be real, be honest. That's all I'm asking. Don't come back the next night, and then again, all drunk and horney in the middle of the night with your fucking friend, who I find repulsive anyway. Well, at least I've got your number now. Whatever. I see. I'm not even good enough to be a hole for you. You can't even use me as a hole. I see. Are you at the bars now? Getting drunk. Thanks for calling. I appreciate it. You know, it's really pathetic when a 29 year old man can't even be honest with a 19 year old girl. PATHETIC! But what's more pathetic... if he came over right now, I'd fuck him. No questions asked, nothing said... I'd fuck him on imlive. Heh. Why do I fall so hard so fast. Fuck me a couple of times and I'll fall in love with you, or I'll grow to hate and loathe you. Or maybe you can just be my friend, and we can just be close for a while.